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Hello, my name is Muhammad Zeeshan Munir. I am an Author, Technologist/ICT Consultant and a Researcher collaborating with a research team specialising in Service Oriented Architecture and standards-compliant Web 2.0 and Telco 2.0. My research focuses on mobile mashups and user interface composition approaches for the Mobile Devices, Mobile Engineering, Web, Web engineering, quality, and privacy in integrated mobile applications. My main goal is to

assist mobile device users to develop and integrate mobile applications (Android), mobile services with web services. Moreover, development of location-aware mobile applications (Android) and their integration with the telecom services (IP Multimedia Sub System) mashup for smart device users having no prior knowledge of programming languages by hiding the development complexity. I also create websites, that are attractive and elegant, but also simple, informative and accessible to all. Sometimes I repair laptops, computer, server machines as well as game consoles in my part time.

Six Months PhD Presentation




Android Dev

You can download the Android software here, I have created during my research.

A Quote

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.

My Recent Work


The website I have created for the Quebec Immigrants Community.

A Community Integration Website


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MySQL : 5.7.23
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  • Tel: +1347 788-0519.
  • Email: zeeshan [at]
  • My blog:

PrayerTime Mashup

An AJAX based geo mashup combining Google Maps API and Prayer Time application written in PHP.

Click here to have a look!

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